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"Uncle Ou Deli, do not know artificial intelligence figured out fighting, in the end what is the best practice method, what moves the strongest?" Su Rogue raised his own question, this question he had long wanted to ask.     What martial arts are the best in the world?     "There is no strongest martial arts, only the strongest people." Ou Deli said: "And the training method is not static. Everyone has different physical and psychological qualities. Perhaps this training method is the best for me. , but it is not for you, our combat coaches is to study out a set of specific training methods for each person, unfortunately, I still can not compare artificial intelligence, Fila Disruptor II Mens artificial intelligence for professional players training, indeed stronger than me, but I can not be reconciled, I want to come to the mysterious East, looking for the legendary air! Supernatural power."     “Supernatural power? Is this possible?” Su Ji asked questions in mind, but he also thought that Otelli’s career had been replaced by artificial intelligence. It was indeed uncomfortable and the loss was huge.     You know, this level of professional fighting instructors, each hour's salary is tens of thousands of dollars, and even some coaches can directly divide the fighting players' bonuses and advertising revenue. Fila Disruptor II Black/White