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"You guys, this gesture is correct and you can't think right. This martial arts is called a steamed bun. Fila Disruptor II Sale It was created by ancient monks who used qigong, yoga, jiu-jitsu, meditation, fighting, fighting, and integrating into dry farming. At the time of practice, ultimately, if you think of ideas, you can't do anything without thinking." On the surface, Ou Deli looks like a foreigner, but when he speaks, it is like an authentic native Chinese master. Chinese do not know better than Jose. How many times.     "Uncle actually know how to kungfu? This effort is called a gimmick? Good soil name." Su robbers heart rejoicing, it seems that this foreigner Otellini is a master? Fila Disruptor II Sale     "I'm a fighting coach." Otellih touched his beard: "But now I'm unemployed. I think you're a student of Wu School. I'm actually coming to China and looking for mysterious power. That's angry! You China." Among the people’s cultures, no matter which faction is concerned, they cannot be separated from each other. The two Buddhists and Taoists don’t need to say that even Confucians pay attention to a sense of dedication and courage.”     “Is there such a thing?” Su Roc thinks that traditional martial arts and Tai Chi are actually all kinds of sports. They can't get rid of muscle and bone training. As for other mysterious forces, they are nonsense. He still puts it. The words pulled back: "What did the uncle think of my lack of this move? Can he point me?"