Fila Disruptor II Womens and you are very likely to get hurt

"Of course, give me sandbags. I need to train in the evening!" Joss eats quickly, his mouth confusing words is not very clear: "But I do not make you cheap, this is good for you too. You do not want two months Become a master? Although this kind of training will not make you a master, it will also enable you to cope with general fighting."     "Why I want to be your sandbag, I'm not your opponent. You should find something similar to yours." Su Rob asked strangely.     "No, no, it's because you are weak, so I can control it. You are the target of an event. If the opponents are similar to me, we both fight in full, Fila Disruptor II Womens and you are very likely to get hurt. You have to remember, training. The time must not be injured, because many times, even professional fighters are injured because of the training process. After injury, it is difficult to recover, they will retire and their careers will be broken. Very professional referees have strict rules. Everyone is careful to avoid fouls. There are very few injuries.” Joss warned Su Rogue very seriously. “So, every training, you must take it seriously. Being able to practice hard and endure pain is a kind of self-mutilation." Fila Disruptor II Purple