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"Europe? Two months, Su Robbing, you are not kidding." Joss almost jumped up: "In two months even the muscles could not work out, to know that I practiced seven or eight years, this I really can not Unless you go to practice shooting, hey! Bullets can help you solve many things."     Su Rogue did not speak, knowing that he wanted to learn fighting and become a master. It was impossible to make anything in two months. Fila Disruptor II WomensFila Shoes Womens  Reality is not a novel movie. What kind of immortality is eaten, taught by people for centuries, or by any aura, and the whole body is filthy and immediately reborn.     "The guy is a master who practiced many years of fighting, fighting, and wrestling. He's been playing the gym every day. If I'm fighting with him, I'm definitely better than him. But I can't let the guy continue Fila Shoes Womens to harass my sister." The humiliation of oneself is an anger in the heart. This is also the reason why traditional martial arts classes are reported to the military school instead of the Sanda, Muay Thai and martial art classes of the martial arts school.     There are also many martial arts training classes in the Minglun Martial Arts School. On the contrary, very few people register for traditional martial arts classes. Even if they are registered, most of them are foreigners.