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Nobody paid attention to Xuanyuan who was working hard. All eyes were gathered at the entrance of the main hall, waiting for the emergence of the prince. This celebration ceremony was a birthday, but who did not know that this was a handover ceremony. The throne will be yours. Although the establishment of the Prince will be no more than ten, it is a matter of fact that all things have passed since the adult ceremony. Can witness this moment, this life is no regrets, of course, this is for most people.     "Look, the prince has appeared." In the white clothes, in the noise of people's noisy discussions, there are several young lady with poor mental ability fainted. Sure enough, this prince is as legendary, demeanorous, possessed. A face that even the angels are envious of, the brow fury between the eyebrows is even more sensational to the world, and it's better to be ashamed of themselves. The difference between heaven and earth, men can be so beautiful, but they still save the masculinity of the low-lying man. Perfect in!     The Hu Xuanhai drink of the Regulus also took a little time from Baiyi, looked at the debut of the prince, bright eyes, very wretched laughter, "If you can let him give my clothes to speak it is perfect." Such The idea was enough for the people who sweated to fall into groups. After falling to the ground,Birkenstock Sandals Mens / Birkenstock Arizona Men they were all convulsed and the white foam drove. Birkenstock Sandals Mens /  Birkenstock Arizona Men