Birkenstock Gizeh Platform the next twenty years

That night, Ling Xuan did not sleep, leaning against the wall, eyes slightly closed, here, no daylight, no season, Ling Xuan has been sitting, he didn't even know what time it is, the dark cave, seemed deserted. The God of magic is not to utter a single word, two individual tacit. This night, today, it is also the day Xuan Ling, twenty years later, Ling Xuan will alone the world, the heart will inevitably have the feeling of desolation. The God of dark magic that night, and did not go to the meditation to restore their mana, but have been thinking, his heart is also some apprehension, Birkenstock Gizeh Platform the next twenty years the last bet, whether there will be return, but two thousand years ago, the man said to him is not wrong, since is the end of reincarnation of fate, so no need to doubt, to arrange, to. Birkenstock Gizeh Platform