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Nike Air Max Flair Blue "Finally, I suggest that you go back to the front of the wolf family before you go there, where you will still be safe, to be a year later, you shenzhen sneak you out again and again, remember that every day You have to try to call around the magic elements, this will improve your affinity for the magic elements, so that you resonate with you, Nike Air Max Flair Blue which is very beneficial to you in the future, and, remember, to magic Wu Shuangxiu, do not care about others How to say, is the magic Wu Shuangxiu, in the future you will know the magic of Wu Shuangxiu strong, and ... ... "dark magic of the Dayton Dayton," I want to give you something can be regarded as a gift to you, but this Go for yourself. "     "Oh?" Xuan Yu eyebrows a pick, "What is the gift?"     "It is a space magic bar, there are daggers, after all, you have no weapons, but you have to promise me, twenty years later, have to give me." Dark Lord said a trace of sadness     "Have to give you? What is it that sent ah, is not borrowed." Xuan Yu is helpless     "Well, it is borrowed, but you have to ensure that it is good, it is a space pendant, I called her Yuet Wah Hui, black, you can store, you just want to use the blood can be used, And the luhua of the Hui also have the role of mind, you are also good for the future, "the magic of the gods Nike Air Max Flair Blue