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Asics Gel Quantum 360 Black Originally everything is so imperceptible development, suddenly, Ling Xuan micro-closed eyes were light a bit, Lingxuan alert opened his eyes, nothing, this is how the matter, Ling Xuan know that he did not fall asleep , So it is certainly not a dream, in the end what is the light, it is heart of fear, the heart could not help restlessness, the woods are suddenly become lively in general, noisy very.     Asics Gel Quantum 360 Black At this time, it is a light flashed, Ling Xuan see, it is like a lightning, suddenly split the sky, do you want to rain? No, lightning after the thunder, but this thunder is too late to some of it too late, this are a flash 3 times, but not a trace of thunder.     Suddenly, "rumbling", at first Ling Xuan thought it was thunder, but after two seconds, Ling Xuan will know that it is not mine, but the earthquake, and then, the earth began a violent shaking, The slope began to tilt, and then a section of neat slippery, crashing hit the ground, a deep pit, but when all the creatures that this is just the time of the earthquake, the day again changed. Asics Gel Quantum 360 Black