Birkenstock Gizeh Platform past life is about to enter

Birkenstock Gizeh Platform At the same time, the hero Ling Xuan has once again encountered twists and turns, it can be said that the twists and turns of life, because he has no way to escape.     "Fucking, how no way" Ling Xuan looked very anxious "how to do, surrounded by magma, are almost over, how do I go to the edge of the cliff, and this is not let me die!     Indeed, Ling Xuan's life is bitter, Birkenstock Gizeh Platform past life is about to enter the happy he suddenly appeared in the different world, which is also very good, at least the continuation of life, but the sorrow did not continue the species, the embodiment of the wolf, Is not what, finally, Ling Xuan customer service on the obstacles to the race, about to enjoy the wolf's life, but they have strayed into the territory of the snake, almost killed, and then later, finally to the night, just compassion , Can sleep, but again a volcano eruption, it does not matter, the outbreak of the outbreak of it, but again came to the front, hot magma is forced to make the final decision Ling Xuan is alive Dead, or do back to the cliffs rather die on the unyielding warrior cliff?     These troubled Ling Xuan, Ling Xuan ? ? Xiao ? Birkenstock Gizeh Platform low wing wings toward the cliffs move the pace, slowly probe the probe, fear of falling in general, at the foot of the gravel rushing rolling down, a long time no Echo, it seems that this cliff is much higher than the look, time, has no longer expect, and magma will soon diffuse over.     "Forced me to play it, well, I play with you, really fucking stimulation, ha ha, come on, enjoy the whole of me God, have the ability you do not kill me die!" Ling Xuan Of this passage quickly shouted in the heart, of course, he did not forget the ancestors of the eighteenth generation or even eighty-eight generations are greeted over and over again. Birkenstock Gizeh Platform