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Nike Air Max Flair Diablo itself has a strong phagocytic nature, so he was eating to swallow the enchantment of the magic power, but no matter what kind of effort, this enchantment of the magic power is endless, as if there is no limit like, but happens This is a steady stream of feeling that he has a kind of insight, energy is invisible, magic elements all over the human life in Nike Air Max Flair every corner of the world, people through the perception of magic elements around the magic force, driven by the idea of ??the power of these Elements, so that the corresponding magic, which launched out, so that this magic is through a number of special arrangements and the formation of magic, although the property is between the grams of grams, but like a formula, this kind of Arrangement can form a certain transformation, but it needs a medium, or a bridge to connect to each other, thus forming a certain transformation.     In this way, the time in the dark magic of the gods here is very much, he was lonely, so this sad drive all under the infinite amount to think about these, for him, this is the biggest pastime , This is the dedication, he finally understand everything, Nike Air Max Flair this transformation is indeed can be formed, this bridge is the amount of nature, and that this transformation is like a devil specifically designed for the general, The premise is to swallow, first swallowed the energy to be transformed in the body to form a source body, and then use the source body to the surrounding elements of the same element of the call, so that constitute a certain connection, and connected together, and then a certain order , Constitute a magic. Of course, the problem arises, do not know how to spell magic spell, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, magic spell is a collection of elements of the password, if the idea of ??force is strong enough, no spell can be instantaneous magic, but this Kind of arrangement is the need for time, the arrangement of the speed depends on the perception of the magic elements, dark magic god was how strong, Moreover, all the memories, arranged this magic sequence, not difficult. So that this magic is more natural, with the caster's mind to display. 	<br />
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