Birkenstock Arizona Platform Men despite the rupture of

irkenstock Arizona Platform Men Subsequently, black burst, and dazzling white each other, despite the conflict, but inexplicable mutual integration, magic, incredible.     Ling Xuan at the moment could not help "ah ah" shouting, the kind of tear-like pain how people to endure, Ling Xuan feel his limbs were torn open, Birkenstock Arizona Platform Men the body's hair was a root of the pull, As if the explosion of the general, do not want to live.     Dark magic magic is not much better, while manipulating the dark magic damage to the wolf at this time the wolf's body, and then also use the magic to re-combination of healing magic wounds, dark magic cast is not difficult, mainly light Magic, after all, not their own, and the property or g, even though the magic of the devil magic force, but the cast is inevitable jerky, and can not have a trace of distraction, must concentrate on this amount of natural, his master is not enough skill The     Hanging in the air Ling Xuan has lost consciousness, Birkenstock Arizona Platform Men despite the rupture of the limbs and then re-metamorphosis of the limbs, re-combination, the body, internal organs in an orderly manner, the original magic nuclear fragmentation, the formation of energy to nourish the new Limbs, facial features gradually formed, the skin white and tender, such as the water hibiscus, everything, silent carried out a surgery, the leading medicine is the magic of the devil, there is no instrument, only strange magic. Birkenstock Arizona Platform Men