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Nike Air Max Flair Black/Gold Ling Xuan is very shocked at all at the same time also very puzzled, how this appeared so many strange birds, but it is these strange birds but also saved him a life, grateful, said in the heart of the.     The situation is very chaotic, Nike Air Max Flair Black/Gold and accompanied by inexplicable fire, it is accurate to say that when the birds fall, the surrounding to ignite the fire, those snakes as if all of a sudden is to go all the courage, chaos made a group, no trace of Resistance, let the strange bird with a white long mouth to pecking it, and then the whole swallowed into the stomach, this scene is more like a banquet, is a strange bird carnival.     Ling Xuan hiding behind a boulder, quietly watching.     This is really a world of the law of the jungle, into the king defeated Kou, a read only between the just now the arrogant snake, this time has become a strange bird's belly meal, the difference between heaven and earth, only a moment in the moment, The heart of the tumbling, and some know what to do, he is not worried that Nike Air Max Flair Black/Gold the birds will treat themselves as food, after all, the memory and knowledge of the former world is the snake's natural enemies are eagles like birds, and birds in front of fear It will not go better than the eagle, and even still had it.     In fact, this bird has its own name, Bi Fang, very weird, they belong to the fire attribute of the birds, and Phoenix is ??a class, after all kinds of variation, degradation, but often there will be accompanied by the fire, And they happen to be ice property mysterious ice snake nemesis, mysterious ice snake as long as the encounter side of the birds, that only a dead end, and only the mysterious snake king (that is, Ling Xuan almost dead monster snake) It is the property of the cold and the birds have a chance to fight this bi, but if the number of Bi birds too much, that snake king can only Paolu. As for the Bi-birds prey on the mysterious ice snake, it is purely instinctive demand, after all, the body of the fire element is too strong, is the need to eat this kind of ice nature of the mammals to ease. Of course, these are later learned by Ling Xuan. 	<br />
Nike Air Max Flair Black/Gold